A regenerative community where things come full circle.

Organic Farm | Natural Building | Yoga | Community Empowerment


We're losing touch with the natural world. Our culture was designed to perpetuate unsustainable consumption. Maximizing profits does not maximize joy.

We deserve better.

I left my corporate job on a quest for wholeness, collaborating on impactful projects that blend business, ecology and community. Circulo is the culmination of these experiences; a dream shared by communities around the world. Here's what we're thinking:

Real Food

Organic, chemical-free farm growing fruits, vegetables, greens, etc. inspired by permaculture, bio dynamics, urban farming, mycology and beekeeping.

Green Guesthouses

Off the grid facility built from natural and recycled materials (i.e. adobe, bamboo, containers, etc.) marrying ancient wisdom and modern technology.

Learning Center

Hosting experiential workshops, preaching only what we pray, focused on local community empowerment and the natural evolution of Nicaragua and beyond.

We Believe

We believe that humanity is one part of the world’s ecosystem, not the supreme ruler.

We believe what we eat influences who we become.

We believe when you solve problems holistically, 1+1=3.

We believe business is a tool to empower communities and regenerate the environment.

We believe love is the force that makes the circle go round.

We believe in an endless cycle of experimentation.

Want to Get Your Hands Dirty?

Building Progress

Hope Level

Famila Support

We are at ground zero with no infrastructure and will be accepting zealous collaborators as we build phase one. We are the stewards of more than 75 acres of virgin land outside San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua. If you’ve ever dreamt of a clean canvas to create a more sustainable world, it’s your turn now. We know we're not the only dreamers and we can't do it alone.

We’re looking for a minimum commitment of one-month in one of the areas below. Loyal collaborators will have opportunities for career advancement as Circulo grows. The unifying principle that guides all of our work is design inspired by nature.

How will you help?

Calling: Curious Makers

We are accepting applications for all positions. Preference given to applicants with prior experience and absurd levels of curiosity.

We'll look for you on the hill by Playa Hermosa.


HOPE: Grow an abundance of organic goodness including fruits, vegetables, greens, herbs, spices, medicinal plants, and hardwoods. Prepare to build soil, sow seeds, water plants, design efficient food systems, create organic stuff and frolic in the fields.


HOPE: Construct with natural & recycled materials, showcase of alternative building techniques. You believe habitation spaces can and should be full of life. Prepare to dig holes, source construction materials, build infrastructure and stack stones zen style.

Community Organizer

HOPE: Create relationships with local community that are empowering and emboldening on both sides. We're in the business of building bridges and fostering deep empathy. Prepare to listen, ask great questions, interview stakeholders and give many hugs.


HOPE: Empower our tribe to keep stepping into transformation. If it's not documented, it didn't happen. Prepare to capture special moments unobtrusively, craft compelling narratives, connect on social media, blogging & digital presence and fly the drone.


Carrizal Reunion #1-5061
Sep 0
Sep 0

Community Meeting #1 in Carrizal

One of the key tenants of Circulo is community empowerment. We seek to collaborate with the local community by helping them help themselves. Our project sits on the edge of a community called Carrizal. The name of the town comes from carrizo, which is a hollow tree that grows much like bamboo. Folklore says carrizo […]

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Jun 0
Jun 0

Natural Building: Wall Systems

This post is inspired by a natural building course hosted and facilitated in collaboration with Finca Bona Fide and Casa De Tierra in March 2015. We worked with a number of different wall systems during the course. There are primarily two types of wall systems: load bearing and non-load bearing. Load bearing systems are structural; […]

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